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Native Maine'ah Motors - 1282 U.S. Route 1 Freeport, ME



 Native Maine'ah Motors specializes in an innovative approach to retailing used cars to the buying public. Our goal - offer a reliable, quality used car at a fair price - just as simple as that!


Every vehicle offered to the public at Native Maine’ah Motors is inspected in critical detail no only to address any needed repairs but for indications of future failures. When purchasing a car from Native Maine’ah Motors you can rest assure our staff has actually driven it for a number of miles looking for hidden issues that need repair or replacement. Only when we deem a car safe for our family will it be offered to your family.


Once our rigorous goals of quality and safety have been met for any car being offered to the public we go still another additional step. Native Maine’ah Motors sends ever car we offer to an independent Maine State Inspection Station for its final inspection.  We never have and never will inspect our lot cars (as we call them). This is just another way to offer you a car that has had many different professionals checking and double checking the safety and reliability of your purchase.


For over eight generations our family has lived the Maine Experience - whenever possible offer a helping hand. Any true Native Maine'ah will always do the same. Our slogan is "We don't know any better!™" and if you are living the Maine Experience those five words say it all.